About emmalina.lolly

Hi! I'm Emily, known to most as Lolly and a few as Emmalina. These are my favorite nicknames so I threw them together for fun in this blog. I'm trying my hand at blogging because I keep reading all of these phenomenal craft blogs and I wanted in on the fun. I also have loads of projects so I thought it might be fun to post them here as resources for others and for me to actually see that I make progress. I'm big at starting things but not finishing them, so hopefully this will make me finish things.

I am married to a wonderful, amazing man named Greer who I met at Double H Ranch..which I will mention below.  He is incredibly creative and is an inspiration for me.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Media Arts and Design, but I really don't know how they let me slip through the Interactive Media program without really knowing how to build a website. It was my major! I completely let any of the skills I did accrue fall by the wayside to work on my skills as a camp counselor at Double H Ranch and decided to go back to school to pursue a Masters of Occupational Therapy.

So I'm a perpetual student, basically.

We'll see what comes of this blog. It will be fun to watch it grow and morph as I learn more about this blogosphere world and hopefully get cracking on crafts and renovating our home, The Burrow.

Thanks for stopping by!