Sunday, February 28, 2010

Inspiration Blog: A Tree Lined Street

I just stumbled across A Tree Lined Street and fell in love with this blog for a few reasons.

1. She uses a Blogger template and her own photo and she has followers! This helps me feel better that, at least for now, I don't need to change over to WordPress and buy hosting and get someone to design a blog theme for me (let's not get into the fact that web design was my major and I still know very little about it...)

2. She has so many great ideas that you really must check out. One of my favorites is her use of old doorknobs to hang tile decor.

3. She has some good tips and reminders for decorating and renovating your home on a budget. I really liked her Repurpose What Ya Got post (with the doorknobs!)

4. She has a really fun writing style that makes you want to keep reading. I certainly hope she keeps posting because I am now a follower of A Tree Lined Street.

Que vayas bien!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

DIY Wedding Save the Date

Finally. I got the Save the Dates in the mail and they are arriving at their destinations daily (hopefully). There are only 2 slight problems I didn't see beforehand:

1. I ordered way too many. I ordered 150 Save the Dates to be printed, you know, for slightly over the amount of people on the guest list. What I didn't consider is that number includes every single person on the guest list, not the number of parties. I have about 100 Save the Dates that will not be used! wallpaper? Kidding! Just the border....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Double H Hole in the Woods Ranch

**Warning: Extremely long post. Can you handle it? ;)** Will add more pictures soon...

I had planned to post my DIY wedding Save the Date but I forgot to take and send a picture to myself, so that will have to wait until another day (tomorrow?). Since I have no pictures or crafts to add, but didn't want to post without purpose, I thought I'd put in a plug for Double H Hole in the Woods Ranch. This place holds my heart and certainly could not be missed at A Clearing in the Woods. I'm sure it will come up again.

Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY Tree Decal

I have envied those with relatively permanent homes who can paint murals and add wall decals. I also have been envying my friend's Tree of Life tapestry that hangs above & over my friend's bed. Having no luck finding a tapestry and not willing to repaint the apartment in June, I resigned myself to collecting ideas for Clearing Woods Cottage (btw, should that be all one word? hmm) and doing it up then. Along comes my imaginative Greer who says "Why don't we just make one out of sheets?"


Everyone Else is Doing It

Am I allowed to do 3 posts in 1 hour? Maybe not, but work is slow and I just keep finding new projects and ideas from others and I thought it might help to keep track of them here. I won't put everything in my computer Crafts folder, but some favorite things, a la Kimba at A Soft Place To Land (if you haven't visited, you should!).

Ice Cream Table's New Topping

Well, let me tell you that guestbook did not get done. Writing my first paper in two years was much more difficult than I thought, but hopefully that will wrap up tonight and I can get started on the guestbook while I study for my Monday test. After that I can really get crafting.

I thought I'd post a few things in the meantime to get something up here. Our kitchen table is currently a hand-me-over small table that I loved for it's ice cream shoppe design but hated the original colors. Spot it?

Starting in Rush Hour

As if I don't already have enough to do, with a 40hr/wk + travel technically part-time job, 2 university classes, and planning my June 5th wedding (a highly DIY affair at that), I thought I'd start up a blog (on my failing work computer which shows a blank screen as I type). I should be studying for my upcoming Abnormal Psych test, or working on the paper for Developmental Psych, or maybe finding some work to do but I keep perusing craft blogs and wedding blogs and wanted in on the fun. Who knows if anyone will read, but I'll give this a whirl, keeping up when I can. The way I see it, it can serve as my multi-purpose wedding, craft, life, projects blog so I can visually organize it all in one spot and keep track of everything.