Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rabbit Hole Currently

Phew!  Let me just say I am infinitely thankful to have made it through last night's tornado that cut through our yard.  Somehow we only sustained minor damage like loss of shingles and lots of uprooted trees.  Since when are there so many tornadoes in Virginia?  Scariest night of my life, to say the least.

Onward and upward, however.  I'll post some tornado damage pictures later and maybe say a bit more. In the meantime.....

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Curb Appeal: Front Porch Overhaul

Porch by pennylane5309 on
Mood board for our front porch hammock area. The hammock is not identical to the one pictured, but has gray-brown tones and is thick fabric, not shiny stuff.

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Rabbit Hole Overhaul Mood Board

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole by pennylane5309 on
The mood board for our home's upstairs landing space- dubbed the Rabbit Hole. Right now it's a big empty room.

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It's Been Awhile [updates]

Ay, como tanto tiempo ha pasado!  It's been so long since I've posted.  The sad this is that secretly I have some posts ready but I either A) don't have the pictures or B) Need to finish the final steps on the project.  But I really need to update a little to keep this going!

Greer and I have been so busy that we're mostly in planning stages of various projects and finishing up a few.  The black Broyhill bench for my co-worker is nearly finished.  I just need to flip it over and paint the underside, followed by one last coat on the top.  I would have been done on the top but a little mishap in the Man Cave caused some white paint to rub off onto the black bench top. Nothing a 4th coat of black paint can't fix!  Such things happen when you have to share a small shop with different projects going on.  But that should be done this week and hopefully delivered.  I'll get that post up when it's officially done.  [update 5/2/11- it's done! "black Broyhill bench" links to post]

 I started spray painting the giant hanging cabinet when lo and behold I ran out of spray paint.  A quick trip to Wal Mart...did not solve that.  Swing over to Lowes.... also a failure.  Why?  Because the only place I could find Rustoleum's American Accents Heirloom White was 30 minutes away at the nearest Home Depot!  Is there some kind of agreement going on that only HD can have that??  Well, I stocked up and bought 5 cans just to be on the safe side.  With the crummy weather and the holiday weekend, I haven't had the opportunity to [have Greer] pull that big boy out of the shed again so I can finish it up.  That's the plan for after work today.

I DID, however, FINALLY finished the tile work on the bottom of the white shelf.  You can find it in the It's March? post when it was nearly completed.  I picked up the last pack of gray tiles at Michael's (they were on clearance.. good thing I didn't keep waiting to finish it!) and glued them on.  Greer had to shave one down because I couldn't squeeze it in the middle.  Now I just need to make drawers or doors for the empty boxed spaces and bam!  Done and ready to go to a new home somewhere.

Friday- worked on the shelf and doors for the DVD hutch base.  Those are almost finished and then you'll get the full post of what I did, how I did it, and what it looks like.  And just to give you an idea of how many DVDs we have... the entire hutch is filled and extras are stacked on top of the rows.  Rentals anyone?

Other projects in the works:
- Upstairs landing space "Rabbit Hole" re-do - (really it's just a "do" since it's been empty space)
       [view the "Rabbit Hole" mood board]
- Making the hammock space on the porch more cozy
       [view the front porch mood board]
- Spring gardens (the seeds are sprouting! I did something right!)
- Bedside tables
- Paint upstairs bathroom (I hate the color it is)
- Overhaul my studio into more of a guest-room with new paint

Phew! I'll keep you updated my 5 followers! ;) 

Amor a todos

Friday, April 8, 2011

Re-dressing Our Old Dresser

This has been a challenging process on many levels.  Not to be all sappy, but my mom owned this dresser and shared it with her twin (shared?) growing up.  My dad re-did it (and wrote on the back "") for my sister and added a mirror with two cork wings on the top.  I eventually inherited the dresser and it stayed in my old bedroom over at my parents' house. 

Until now.