Monday, January 31, 2011

Office/Dining Chair Revamp

Hola todo el mundo! 

My sewing machine is a little homeless right the bottom right..

First, I am sorry that I forgot to take a "before" picture of this chair.  I just get too excited to start projects that I forget the "before" pictures!!  I am trying to get better at that...I've taken an "in between" picture of a recent project you will soon see.. but I digress.

We have 3 dining chairs, cheapos from a yard sale where the woman paid us to buy all 3 instead of the 2 good ones.  So 1 is kind of sketchy as far as staying together, but it has lasted since summer so that works!  I also like that we got such cheap, ugly chairs that it doesn't matter how much Marzipan scratches the seats.  She does that when we get home- like she's so excited she just has to scratch something!

She thinks personal space means space is personally hers.
All of it.

The point is.. we have 3 dining chairs.  So if say, both of my parents walk over for dinner, we have to whip out my small ottoman/storage/desk seat and someone gets stuck using that.  I've also hated using it at the desk.  Originally, I bought it from Target, needing a cheap seat for the desk that could be slid under (lacking space in the apartment) and I liked that I could store things inside.  Now, I'm not getting rid of it, but I did want an actuall chair for my desk.

Little brown stool. [snicker]

Enter disgusting, junked up, 100-year-old (maybe) leather upholstered, brown ugly material reupholstered dining chair.  My dad picked it up (at the dump?? Auction??) and stripped it down for me. Having too many projects on my own to contend with, Greer lovingly stained it (Minwax Natural) and threw on two coats of polyurethane. 

Thrilled to be re-upholstering

Not only did he do this, but he ripped off the crummy layers of upholstery and reupholstered the seat himself, even stuffing it with new foam!

New cushion woot woot! Sorry about the photo quality

So now we have an extra dining chair that will live at my desk. 

No more slouching!  There is a back to my chair! It is the appropriate height!

Saving the Winnie the Pooh sign for future kids?  Originally for our neice.

I really want to re-paint that desk I just haven't decided on color or's kind of fun the way it is but yesss the chair and desk don't match. WHATEV.

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I Put The Hammer...

.......through the wall.


I was trying to hand this small shelf I picked up at Goodwill to add something 3-D to the bathroom wall. 

[ you can tell it is not in the bathroom ]

I got one nail in smooth as buttah!  But the next guy...nuh uh...

First, I realized I hit the stud.
I decided I could win.
Then I bent the nail, making the hole bigger.
Not winning.
I tried to use the claw end and pull the nail out...
And you can see those little bruises on the wall to the right of the hole.
More force... I thought...
And as I pushed the hammer to pull the nail out, the hammer head went through the wall.
And the nail stayed.

My wonderful, patient, humorous husband was able to get the nail out with a smile and a "we'll fix it later."  Phew! 

I gave the shelf a new home in my office.

Permanent? Probably not.  It's rather dwarfed there... but I'm not messing with it until I have a better plan.....

Ten un buen dia!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Communication Station!

Ay amigos tantas cosas que decir!  It was such a productive, fun long weekend that I haven't taken time to s l o w  d o w n  and catch up here.  The college application deadline for our school just passed so work is piling up

First things first, my easiest project:  The Burrow's Communication Station!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Learned How to Sew!

I know it takes more than just one day of practice, but I have begun learning to sew with the help of my Other Mother and the generous bridal shower gift from her sisters to me (a nice sewing machine!).

 My first project is complete and, I must say, gorgeous!  PILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!

Staple gun project to come later....but it was in use....

I fell in love with the fabric we found at JoAnn Fabrics and think I might be making even more pillows.

(The blankets are covers to protect the furniture from Marzipan kitty)
 I love that the orange in the fabric picks up the living room walls but also pulls in some of the blues we have scattered around the room (not pictured.)  Perfectly accented by the blue fabric...mmmm delishiousness for my eyes!

Would you like some close ups?

Getting closer....

So beautiful....

My Other Mother made the round pillow because I was not ready to move on from sewing a straight line yet.

The other two...

I just can't stop staring.  I should probably warn Greer that these fabrics are about to show up allllll over the living room.  Mmmmmm.....

What do you sew?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

DIY Bench from Knock-Off Wood

I never posted about this bench when I started because I was so busy.  It took me much longer to finish than it should have because of classes and Zumba and all kinds of craziness this fall.  I now have the chance to share and I'm pretty pleased with the product.

Before I go on, I just wanted to give credit where credit is due.  I found the plans for this project at Ana's Knock-Off Wood.  This woman is amazing.  She has plans for any peice of furniture you could imagine and want to build.  I cannot wait to get started on another project from her website.  Check her out!

So, we needed to clean up the junk and shoes at our door entrance.  What better than a cubby bench?  Here in progress...

Workin' away at my dad's shop
 I spent quite a few afternoons at my dad's shop learning how to use the power tools and measuring techniques.  I have to put a plug in for my dad's work- Shenandoah Second Wind.

Here we have the final product in place at home:

Thanks for stopping in!  Keep tuned for more projects...

Ciao Bellas!

Curb Appeal: Front Porch

We have a giant, half wrap-around porch that is not really put to good use yet.  We have a wonderful hammock on wheels that is just plopped in a corner.  We also put our old kitchen table (remember this?) in another corner so we could enjoy breakfast with the sunrise.  Other than that, nada.  I'm brainstorming ways to fix this...feel free to add your suggestions.  What do you do with your porch or outdoor space?

Autumn Decor

So we've learned this month that I love seasonal decoration and Greer does not.  However, he is a patient and loving husband who only wants me to be happy.  And so... we are slowly getting some seasonal decorations around the Burrow

Don't get excited- we don't have much money, time or space, so we don't have much that screams "fall" except for the nature in which we live.  I did buy a pumpkin from Wal Mart (I know.. very much not the same as a pumpkin patch) with my mom.  That now sits on the front steps.

I threw a fake fall bouquet (Wal Mart) in one of my leftover wedding vases.  I love the look of the twine vase- it truly goes with any season. 

I spotted a $3 fall leaf dish at Ross and thought that was a cheap enough peice of decor.  The challenge has been finding a good space for it. 

Do you decorate seasonally?  What are your fall decorations?  I found some fun ones other creative bloggers have come up with that I thought I'd store/share here.

Tater Tots and Jello
I love these spray-painted Dollar Store pumpkins Jen made at Tater Tots and Jello.  I really love the blue color (who says fall is only orange, red and yellow?!).  Visit Tater Tots and Jello to find out how to make this display!

Gail's Decorative Touch
I really love that Gail from Gail's Decorative Touch used acorns to celebrate fall, straying from the traditional pumpkin.  Greer thinks "pumpkins and nuts on a stand are silly," but I really like them.  Visit Gail's Decorative Touch for the tutorial on how to make these adorable topiaries (is that the word?? haha).

The Burrow Interior Re-Do..Continued

Well I finally took some pictures of the rest of the Burrow so you can catch a glimpse of the rest of the skittle-box house.  Please keep in mind that I am not a photographer, so the pictures are just a quick shot with my plain old digital camera.  The rooms feel bigger than they appear; it's hard to capture it with the camera I have.

First we have the Mr & Mrs bedroom.  I can't call it the Master Bedroom because my studio is technically the Master Bedroom.  I have a thing against sleeping on the first floor.  I just cannot do it!

Mr & Mrs Room
My father found that chaise lounge in a dump, refinished it, and had a friend reupholster it.  I had asked for a chaise lounge for years since I was little and saw one in The Beverly Hillbillies movie.  When I came home from high school one day, I saw this sitting on the side of the driveway.  No way is that going in my room! I thought.  That is a peice of junk.  But my father has a creative eye... just look at it now!

Looking from the chaise lounge
This veiw is from the chaise lounge towards the door.  I found that duvet set on for cheap!  The trunk was refinished by my father when I was small.  It stores our extra blankets and pillows and smells sooooo nice...cedar! Love that.

And look who found a new home!  My Goodwill Table Re-do! The green is a little too lime-y for our bedroom but it works.  I don't have to use stacked boxes anymore. :)

Greer's office
Here we have just a peek at Greer's office.  The blue is called "Thundercloud" or something like that.  It's a slate blue shade that looks really nice.. very good for a "grown-up"'s office.  Notice all the Star Wars paraphenalia on the wall...

So much to catch up on...

This was a full weekend and the Burrow and I FINALLY have some time to pick this blog back up.  I'm done with pre-reqs for a Masters of Occupational Therapy, so I'm just working, teaching Zumba, and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get into a grad program.

So, to catch up on some things... I'll start with my cleaning extravaganza.  I don't normally mention cleaning because, while I love it, it's not all that exciting to everyone.  However, I experienced so much amazing cleaning product help this weekend, that I had to share my hints and joys!

First, my amazing parents (mine and Greer's) pooled funds and bought me a Dyson Ball for Animal Hair vacuum for Christmas!!!! I cannot express my gratitude and excitement enough.  I have vacuumed way more than necessary since I got this, but it works so well!  It even comes with a little wind tunnel carpet thingy to attach and use on couches and other fabrics.  Perfect for cleaning up cat hair and crumbs from our cozy couch.  It's lighter than other vacuums and easy to use.  Definitely has my vote!

Now for my little plug about an incredible little product called Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  This sponge comes with cleaner in it and all you have to do is wet, squeeze and clean.  I advise picking a pack up for on...

Let me tell you, I had been scrubbing our tub all day.  It was turning that ugly brown, with soap scum on the walls.  I used vinegar.  I used toilet bowl scrub.  I used Clorox Bleach spray.  I layered the tub with hot water and added bleach.  Nothing worked.  It was probably well-sanitized, but that's hard to believe when it was still brown

So, I was off to Wal Mart with my clean queen mother to look for the product that would end the scum.  She suggested Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  I had heard her talking about these but hadn't thought much about it.  I really doubted this suggestion.  Not even bleach worked, so how would a sponge with cleaner work?  But, I had no other ideas.  So I grabbed a pack and tried it out.

Outstanding.  The tub was turning white immediately as I scrubbed with the sponge.  It even got out the blue stain from my previous sponge disentegrating with the bleach.  Our tub is now sparkling white and looks brand-new!  I was too excited and impressed to not share.

So my advice:  Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  It's truly magic and it will change your world.

'Ta luego!