Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sharing a Genius Idea

Hi all!

I was just catching up on the blogs I follow and stumbled upon a wonderful idea for curing boredom in the summer.  This is probably geared towards kids, but let's face it- anyone could find it fun.

Jen at the CSI Project came up with a "Chews" Wisely Summer Boredom Buster.  The colors are what caught me first...

I thought to myself, "Oh what a cute picture to put by a jar of gumballs."  I love the light blue frame.  But it gets better.  This is not just a picture, no no.  It is a frame filled with ideas of fun things to do.

So when Jen's kids say "I'm boreddddd" they randomly choose a gumball from the photo and the idea is on the back.  The bigger, more expensive trips are on the 25 cent magnets for days when there is more time and cash.

I am blown away by this idea.  I think I might have to duplicate it just for me and Greer to get some fun going!

Read Jen's full post here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mirrors are UP!

If you already read about the Big Kahuna being up, you know I enlisted some family help today to get some things on the wall.  Using my father's math and carpentry skills (how am I going to learn all this?!?), we got the mirrors back up on the wall.  Already, the Guest Rome/Office/Studio feels bigger with all the light reflection.

It really helps to have all that light reflected out of the mirror since there is no window on that wall.

I'm hoping to make a giant curtain to cover the edges and soften the look some.

Step by step I'll get this in order!

The Big Kahuna is UP!

Today I enlisted my parents and Greer to help me put the Big Kahuna up on the guest room piano wall today.  Let's be honest, my dad did the planning and we just followed directions.  But together, we got that thing in place.

I still have to finish the doors, but the biggest part is in place adding some much needed storage:

Finally, piano books have a home and I've cut back on some of the reading books we've been storing in this room.  I left a square for kids books and a square for everyone else books and got the little bookshelf out! Yay for more floor space and utilizing the wall space!

I keep poking my head in the room just to see it there on the wall.  Oh, how I love my Big Kahuna (shelf.. but I love my husband too! hehe)

What have I left on the shelf for guests to read you ask?  Now that I know how to use the semi- micro photo option, lets take a closer look....

A mixture of reading, hopefully.  I also included a few books in Spanish just in case anyone wanted to brush up on their language skills... ;)

And for the children, a few good books and short stories.

The decor is subject to change (and the books too, of course).  In fact, I hope the decor does change so that what I picture is actually what the room will somehow reflect...sooomeday.  For now, here's the top shelf:

Just re-distributed some other household items.  The vase is from our wedding centerpeices (read more about that here) and has been living on top of the fridge.

As for the bottom shelf......

See that pretty little Beatrix Potter jar (saving for our future kiddos)?  It's actually storing extra nails and screws and whatnot. 

See?  But you didn't know from the outside!  The beauties of creative storage.

Such a relief to have the Big Kahuna up in place!!  I'll update you when I eventually get the doors on.

Buenas noches

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Studio + Guest Room: Sleeper Sofa!

Oh the pains of trying to design on a next-to-nothing budget.  I created the Studio + Guest Room Mood Board, which is all well and good, but how do I make this happen?  Painting the room cost so much that I have to be a little creative with putting the rest of it together.

About the same time I decided to do red and blue accents, my co-worker had a pre-sale yard sale for our office.  Not only did I find two adorable red flower candy dishes with saucers from Pier 1 ($6), but I also snagged a cobalt blue glass serving bowl ($1), colorful cloth place mats with matching napkins ($4), and un-opened Shakespeare in Love ($3).  But the best purchase of all was the full-sized sleeper sofa she sold to me for $25 in good condition.  She also threw in the red Pottery Barn pillow and throw blanket.


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Studio + Guest Room Paint

Hola hermosas!  I just finished painting my studio office, which is also our guest room.  You have seen pictures that were taken in that room when it was painted coral.....everything. looked. orange.  I didn't even enjoy being in that room because the lighting + the paint color = pain.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Studio + Guest Room Mood Board

A little vintage.  A little carnival.  At little red, a little blue.  This is my inspiration....

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy May! The Broyhill Bench is Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

I originally wrote this post for April...but didn't finish the projects. So I will start with what I wrote for April, because it's still true...then move on!  

[I love April.  It's the first really springy month after the cold, aching winter.  It smells deliciously fresh.  It's the open-your-windows month.  It's the I-need-to-buy-curtains-to-blow-in-the-breeze month!  It's the clean out and donate month!

It's also my birthday month.  And this birthday is my Quarter Century birthday.  That's right.  Bring on the quarter-life-crisis, 25!

This is also my last full month working for admissions...eek!  I will miss the work and people very much, but I am so excited to start the next chapter of my life as an Occupational Therapy Graduate Student.  I am chomping at the bit for classes to start.  I cannot wait to be a student again... and I never thought I would say that.]

Now... on to May!

I've got lots to accomplish this month.  Upstairs landing-turned-reading nook "Rabbit Hole".  Giant cupboard shelf.  Curtains.  End tables.  Hutch.  The Dorothy Dollhouse (grumble mumble groan).
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