Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Revamp, Recycle!

Go Green!  We seriously do need to save our planet.  I won't get on my soapbox about that, but just mull it over sometime.  Where will we be if we don't change?  If you're not sure, visit your ever-expanding local landfill and think about what disentigrating into your water.

On that happy note....!!  Here are so really fun ways to use some of those items in your house that are just hanging around.  I don't like throwing things away because I don't want to junk up the world.  I donate a lot, but I buy a of of thrift store goods instead of new goods.  Read on to see if you can re-vamp and recycle anything you've got stashed away....

Idea Trunk: Landing Space

Hola todos! Que tal?  I've been hunting around for ideas for using the small landing space between the rooms upstairs.  It's a decent enough size for a chair and table or desk.  Ideally, the space will be decorative AND functional (but isn't that the goal of most spaces?). I don't like the idea of just putting a table with decor plopped in the landing space when it can definitely become a functional space. 

The landing space/Marzipan's kitty room

What do I do with this space??

So, I thought I'd share and archive some ideas I stumbled across.  The first chunk of photos I found from Country Living, and boy does that make me want to subscribe to them!  These were from a nice little gallery about small space decorating.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Hiatus and a New Day

Not that anyone is following this blog (YET!), but I took a hiatus because returning to school (Chem & Stats & Physiology classes), getting married, working, learning/teaching Zumba, moving to a new house that needs to be freshened is just TOO MUCH.  So I'm back at the 8-5 grindgroan for a month until classes start in fall and I hopefully get into the MOT program.

Anyhallyhoo, Greer & I re-did the house.  Majorly.  It's been livened up from the original gray, mustard, hunter green, maroon colors to bright orange, teal, purple, red, spring green, coral!  I love it. It's like living in a rainbow.  I also renamed it. The Burrow.  Yep, stolen straight from HP!

Decor-wise, it's still skeletal in my opinion.  A skeleton with ligaments pressed on here and there (thanks, Physiology class!).  We kind of threw things up on the walls and in corners to have some decoration and somewhere to put everything.  But now I'm staring at the place do I make this more cozy?