Monday, July 26, 2010

A Hiatus and a New Day

Not that anyone is following this blog (YET!), but I took a hiatus because returning to school (Chem & Stats & Physiology classes), getting married, working, learning/teaching Zumba, moving to a new house that needs to be freshened is just TOO MUCH.  So I'm back at the 8-5 grindgroan for a month until classes start in fall and I hopefully get into the MOT program.

Anyhallyhoo, Greer & I re-did the house.  Majorly.  It's been livened up from the original gray, mustard, hunter green, maroon colors to bright orange, teal, purple, red, spring green, coral!  I love it. It's like living in a rainbow.  I also renamed it. The Burrow.  Yep, stolen straight from HP!

Decor-wise, it's still skeletal in my opinion.  A skeleton with ligaments pressed on here and there (thanks, Physiology class!).  We kind of threw things up on the walls and in corners to have some decoration and somewhere to put everything.  But now I'm staring at the place do I make this more cozy?

For starters,  I probably should focus on one room at a time, rather than bits and peices of the whole house.  So, I will start with my studio.  I have the foundation furniture, but bare walls.  The tricky thing is, as it is partial dance studio, I need the big open space so the furniture and decorations must be against the wall.  This is a sticky situation.  How do you make a dance studio/office/guest room (air mattress!) feel cozy??

Most of the wall space is taken up at this point.  Bookshelf, piano, little vintage desk ($15 at a yard sale!).  There is one empty corner that is calling me to make it home-y, and to cover up the outlets (my grandfather had an absurd number of outlets installed in the most ridiculous places).  I've been brainstorming and come up with a few ideas...

A pillow corner perhaps?  A lovely cozy reading, relaxing area for a choreography break. 

Tucked back on the left, a shaggy rug with lots of pillows. Might that work on a floor?
From Casa Sugar, who suggests a 3x5 throw rug for floors.

Not quite as cozy as I'd like, but a start...
Image from : ohdeeoh

What I love about this the cushion-y bed.  Makes me just want to flop down!  Perhaps this will be my first DIY with a sewing machine (AH!)
Image from : Crafty Rachel

I'm having trouble finding images of what I would really want, but I'll be on the hunt.  Can't wait to try to make use of that corner!

Hasta la proxima vez...

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