Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Idea Trunk: Landing Space

Hola todos! Que tal?  I've been hunting around for ideas for using the small landing space between the rooms upstairs.  It's a decent enough size for a chair and table or desk.  Ideally, the space will be decorative AND functional (but isn't that the goal of most spaces?). I don't like the idea of just putting a table with decor plopped in the landing space when it can definitely become a functional space. 

The landing space/Marzipan's kitty room

What do I do with this space??

So, I thought I'd share and archive some ideas I stumbled across.  The first chunk of photos I found from Country Living, and boy does that make me want to subscribe to them!  These were from a nice little gallery about small space decorating.

The ever-popular mudroom box!  As Americans with 'stuff,' Husbo and I can always use more storage space (especially for his shoes!).  We don't have a mudroom because the side door opens right up into the kitchen.  The space we do have in the kitchen, Greer wants to build a pantry (which we could certainly use).  So we could put this upstairs, but it seems a bit nonsensical.  Perhaps I'll find a space in the kitchen.

I love a small cozy bedroom!  I always wanted an attic bedroom for some reason, and I hold on to that ideal for the future.  The real reason for this photo is the built-in bookshelves. Such a space-saver and books are what we have the most of!  I'd really like to have built-in bookshelves in the landing space, but we'd have to take out the beautiful wood paneling my dad put in, and I'm not willing to do that! Sooo.. moving on for now...

Cinderella anyone?  A built-in desk or vanity saves some floor space and I really like the idea of pretty curtains to cover if necessary, or just add to the look.  I'm not sure how fitting it would be for our landing space, but I love flowy curtains everywhere, so that may be included in the final project.  The Boho side of me comes out in that way...

Okay.  Let's just stop and admire this incredible chair!  Check out that vintage back.. wherever did the creator find that image/get that idea.  Paired with the striped seat fabric, que chevere!  Que bellisima!  Ay, como le quiero.  Another built-in desk with lovely wood details on the sides.  Those could be easily added in by purchasing similar wall decor from Lowes.  I love that this is out a window!  I hate staring at a wall when sitting at a desk (which is what I have right now), especially when we have such a beautiful view. 

I just had to throw this is.  This I also found at Country Living in their article about storage space solutions.  I love the jars attached to the bottom of the shelf.  I've seen this done many times, but I love the beadboard shelf and the jelly jars.  Looks great with a workspace!

So you may have noticed by now that I love all these ideas, yet of talked myself out of each one in that landing space.  Didn't intend for that, but the search continues.  If only my father hadn't put in the beautiful wood paneling, I would throw in some built-in bookshelves with some space on top for decor.  sigh. Oh, well!  Stay tuned for more ideas and the project process...

Ciao, ciao!

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