Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bedside Table Progress

So I've been working on the bedside table from with the help of my master carpenter father.  I am sure I could go to Lowes and buy the wood and get it cut and follow Ana White's steps and be okay, but we have a field full of free wood.  The challenge is that I have to do the planing and cutting and glueing to make peices I would otherwise buy.  BUT.  The would we have is free.  There is a steady supply as my husbo keeps taking down old houses.  I am recycling wood (hooray!).  There is a story to the wood and I know where it's from.

So I am learning the skills needed to take on these preparation steps before I can follow Ana White's steps.

Anyhallyhoo I remembered to take a *few* pictures of where I am in the process of building this table.  I even took a few for a mini wood-filler tutorial (super duper stinkin' easy).

Here is the current state of the bedside table:

Sorry about the mess.. I've been working in Greer's shop to protect the beaut from pesky bugs that get stuck in wet paint.  This is all put together and primed, waiting for me to select the color to paint (most likely...white).  The lines you see towards the top of the table are notches for the table top to fit in.  It will make sense later.

The drawer is together, but waiting to be sanded and primed.  I still have some wood filler on it to sand off, but here's what it looks like now:

This entire table is made of pine from an old house my husband has been taking down.  The back of the drawer is cedar to add that lovely smell.  The bottom of the drawer is masonite because it's light, strong and we had some lying around.  Otherwise we would have used some spare plywood.

What's new in your lives?

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