Friday, September 2, 2011

Recycling Center

I am so proud of my recycling center.  I found the plans at (where else?) where it is used as a laundry basket dresser.

It's made of four peices of plywood from the dump that I shoddily spray-painted limey green.  I am so very proud of this project because I did it all. on. my. own.  (Following directions)

This includes cutting the long L-shaped aluminum rods with a hand saw and using the drill press to drill holes into them so they could be screwed into the sides.

I installed the L-rods (or whatever they are called) for the top two baskets but decided to simply rest the bottom one on the floor.

Everything with this project went fine... until I screwed the plywood together incorrectly.  I assembled it with the sides on the inside margins of the top and bottom, rather than outside margin (as seen in photos).  I was so mad I took a week off from the project.  The following Saturday and disassembled the thing, made some more cuts, reassembled and bam

Recycling center.

There's just one finishing touch that needs to happen.  The sides bow outward (I left them in the sun..don't do that) so the middle shelf is very sensitive.  It falls off the L-rod easily.

To remedy this, I plan to screw a plank across the back that will pull the bowed area inward for better support.

Hooray!  We no longer have to walk across the yard to throw recyclables into various crates.

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