Friday, September 2, 2011

Unrelated: Marzipan and the End Table

I love my cat.  I am just that kind of person.

She found her new favorite place white I've been storing the end table in our living room until I paint the stencil on.

Poor thing.  She'll have to say goodbye to it someday...

...but that day is not today.  I have yet to paint the stencil on... it's intimidating.  Especially since I made things harder for myself in trying to "touch up" the yellow rectangles.

My friends... don't do this.  Maybe you don't even need me to tell you this and that is fantastic.  This is a picture of primer over top of blue spots on the yellow paint that I intended to paint over and make everything nice again.


Yellow over white is not the same shade as yellow over yellow.  So I ended up priming the both dag-gone rectangles over again and putting two coats of yellow paint overtop. Again.

She knows when I do something dumb, doesn't she?

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