Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inspiring Ideas Keeping Me Afloat

My goodness I have completely disregarded A Clearing in the Woods for a little bit, along with any wedding or home projects!  Writing 4 papers in 2 weeks has not been fun, but it's complete and I have a short break before the next paper flood.  Work has slowed down also, which frees up more of my time during the day to skim through crafty home blogs and find some new inspiration and projects.  Shhh... I look very busy in my office at the moment...!

There are so many amazing projects I've found that I cannot wait to make my own attempts. I desperately want to move into Clearingwoods Cottage and start making a home, but until June I'll have to put my efforts into the wedding and keep notes here.'s some more inspiring photos and bloggers that I think you might like...

This is my favvvvvorite new find!  This is a before and after hallway photo from Donna at Funky Junky Interiors.  Her blog is a must-see.  She has great tutorials, ideas, tricks and tips.  I love her style and can't wait to try this bedspring project.

Laurie at The Turner Farm came up with a creative utensil display. Pretty smart, no?

Caroline at The Feminist Housewife re-vamped an old window, making it wonderfully functional and decorative at the same time.  I wonder if my dad has any old windows he's willing to donate to my cause...?

And I don't have a photo for this, but Junk Fest has helpful tips about handling rusty decorations. This I've got to keep track of because as we pick up wedding table decorations from thrift stores, many of them are rusty and I'll have to spray paint them.

That's all for now... time to get back to work!

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  1. Hey Emily, I have a blog for you to check out: Tatertots and Jello is a blog by a lady who collects DIY ideas and some of them are stellar. The blog itself can be a bit much, its kind of cluttered, but I think some of the projects would be right up your ally. Let me know what you think: