Monday, March 22, 2010

Zumba, Anyone?

Yes. I have joined the Zumba craze.  I took just one class and adored it!  I love to dance, I love latin music and moves, so what did I do?  Of course simply taking the class isn't enough....

I registered to become an instructor.

Based on one class.

Call me crazy, but it is so much fun and I've always wanted to be a dancer.  I'm also (obviously) kind of an extremist.  I can't just try something and be on the same level as everyone else.  I have to go and take it one step further.  *sigh* 

I do have some reasoning though.  My Zumba instructor said she wanted to get someone else certified to teach the class and then start having giant Zumba classes outside in the summer. How great?  So I decided (without telling her) that her co-teacher will be me.  She doesn't know, but she will love the idea.

I'm also hoping that this will help supplement some income in a fun way (and also helping me get in my workout time) when I stop my "full-time" job and go back to full-time school.  Surviving on Greer's current minimum wage salary will be difficult, and I doubt I'll have much time to work.  I must fit in exercise time, so here we go 2 birds 1 stone.  Teach Zumba.

Another reason: the town we're moving to when we get Clearingwoods Cottage has no Zumba classes.  Can I play a round of Monopoly on this town's Zumba culture?  I will certainly try.

So, that's the latest news.  Oh! I almost forgot.  I did finish the text design and layout for wedding invitations and picked up more centerpeice items from Goodwill.  The next nice day I am able to, I'll be in a haze of spray paint brightening up the thrifty centerpeices.  I'll post a picture of the invitations when those are finished as well.

Pues, hasta otro dia!

(I still need those tilde marks...)

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