Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knobs, Knobs, Hardware and Knobs!

Helloooooooo Anthropologie!  You are so much monies but so very adorable!

I have seen loads of DIY Anthropologie-inspired projects in the creative blog sphere that have turned out fantastically well that I thought I'd take a look at this pricey store for inspiration.

Then I found the hardware section and went nuts!  So many beautiful drawer pulls and doorknobsWho gets excited about this stuff!?


I have a few favorites of course......


Among my favorites are a few I am deciding between for my dresser re-do.  I want your thoughts!  Think 1930s-40s carnival flavored and which do you see? 

I have my idea...but I want yours too.  And it can be a combination...


What do you think, eh?


  1. Do you want our ideas on the pictures of knobs you posted? When I think of 30s-40s carnival I think the one on the top right of the top four pictures. So cute!

  2. that's my favorite! if I could choose.

    out of the bottom 3 though....thoughts?