Monday, January 31, 2011

Office/Dining Chair Revamp

Hola todo el mundo! 

My sewing machine is a little homeless right the bottom right..

First, I am sorry that I forgot to take a "before" picture of this chair.  I just get too excited to start projects that I forget the "before" pictures!!  I am trying to get better at that...I've taken an "in between" picture of a recent project you will soon see.. but I digress.

We have 3 dining chairs, cheapos from a yard sale where the woman paid us to buy all 3 instead of the 2 good ones.  So 1 is kind of sketchy as far as staying together, but it has lasted since summer so that works!  I also like that we got such cheap, ugly chairs that it doesn't matter how much Marzipan scratches the seats.  She does that when we get home- like she's so excited she just has to scratch something!

She thinks personal space means space is personally hers.
All of it.

The point is.. we have 3 dining chairs.  So if say, both of my parents walk over for dinner, we have to whip out my small ottoman/storage/desk seat and someone gets stuck using that.  I've also hated using it at the desk.  Originally, I bought it from Target, needing a cheap seat for the desk that could be slid under (lacking space in the apartment) and I liked that I could store things inside.  Now, I'm not getting rid of it, but I did want an actuall chair for my desk.

Little brown stool. [snicker]

Enter disgusting, junked up, 100-year-old (maybe) leather upholstered, brown ugly material reupholstered dining chair.  My dad picked it up (at the dump?? Auction??) and stripped it down for me. Having too many projects on my own to contend with, Greer lovingly stained it (Minwax Natural) and threw on two coats of polyurethane. 

Thrilled to be re-upholstering

Not only did he do this, but he ripped off the crummy layers of upholstery and reupholstered the seat himself, even stuffing it with new foam!

New cushion woot woot! Sorry about the photo quality

So now we have an extra dining chair that will live at my desk. 

No more slouching!  There is a back to my chair! It is the appropriate height!

Saving the Winnie the Pooh sign for future kids?  Originally for our neice.

I really want to re-paint that desk I just haven't decided on color or's kind of fun the way it is but yesss the chair and desk don't match. WHATEV.

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  1. LOVE the fabric for the chair cushion!! (I think it kind of matches my blog's background... so clearly I love it, haha!) You guys are going to have so many wonderful DIY items for your collection!

  2. Love this!!! {and your WILD tiger kitty! ;}

    m ^..^