Monday, March 21, 2011

Ideas I love

Hello again!

I found some wonderful posts while catching up on what I've missed in blog land.  I really have to share...

Cate at A Tree Lined Street is not helping my "I want a baby" mode with her freakin' adorable nursery re-do.  I love trees and birds and watercolor and she just pulled them all in!

Please visit her blog to see the rest of the nursery room and read her story about the wall paintings.  I want to keep this in mind for 2.5 years down the road when we have a nursery to decorate.  I might use pages from Beatrix Potter or The Giving Tree.

I would love to better organize my closet... although it is semi-organized right now.  But check out this closet re-do showcased at High Heeled Foor in the Door:

I also stopped in to my favorite website Ana White Homemaker, the beauty who designs and maps out DIY furniture.  She had some good additions that I would love to build.  I don't have any room for this Washer/Dryer organizing, but I want to make a mental note of it for when I do, because I love this idea.

Lots of people like their washer/dryer raised a little bit.  Why not sort and store dirty laundry underneath?  GENIUS!  If only we had that kind of washer/dry area.

I also want to add these nightstands onto my list of projects.  Greer and I need some nightstands, but it's not my main priority at the moment.  I like the look of these "Cabin Collection Nightstands" from Ana White Homemaker.

Perhaps this would be a nice little peice for the upstairs landing.....
From Ana White Homemaker of course!

And lastly from Ana White, I will be making this little number to store my sewing machine...

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