Monday, April 25, 2011

Curb Appeal: Front Porch Overhaul

Porch by pennylane5309 on
Mood board for our front porch hammock area. The hammock is not identical to the one pictured, but has gray-brown tones and is thick fabric, not shiny stuff.

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Bueno.  Amigos, amigas, I present my second mood board (ignoring the ridiculous ones from wedding planning in 2009).  Here we have my ideas for our front porch re-do.   The background looks just like our front yard!! but it was as close as I could find.  I had to put a picture of plains and a picture of mountains together.

[Numbers correspond to numbers in mood board]

1.  White Curtains:  I plan to hang white curtain panels at the 4 corners of the area.  It's difficult to explain, so I'll try to draw the plan out in Photoshop and post it here.  I imagine it will take 2 panels in each corner, tied back but on rods for potential privacy/shade. Nice, long, pooling curtains.

2.  Hammock:  Like I said above, doesn't really look like our hammock, but it was the best I could find on  Right now that's just sitting in a corner on the porch and looks very random, not a part of the porch.  This whole overhaul is to incorporate the hammock into the home.

3.  Window Frames:  We've been collecting old window frames (without panes) to hang in the porch.  This will add a border to the area without blocking the view or breeze, and adds a nice airy fun touch.

4.  Bamboo Rug:  I mentioned in my Rabbit Hole mood board post that I'm picky about rugs.  I don't like the feel of bamboo rugs inside our house, but I want something durable and easy for the porch.  Something that doesn't look like a welcome mat placed by the hammock.  I think a bamboo rug will work well.

5.  Barrel Table:  I like the shape to this and like that it's sturdy; no breakable pieces like glass tops or wooden legs.  Just your standard metal barrel.  I'm not too particular about this other than the shape and material.  Any color can be change with a few cans of spray paint!

6.  Glass Bottles: Glass bottles are always a nice clean decoration.  I love the light blues mixed with clear.  The hunt begins at the nearest thrift store!

7.  Random Pergola: I just love pergolas. I have nowhere to add one but I liked how it looked in the mood board.  And I'm a sucker for pergolas.

This is our other major project!  I feel a bit more relaxed now that I've made mood boards for our two big re-do's.  Mapping it out always clears the mind and prevents a chaotic mash of gradual ideas (i.e. the rest of The Burrow! haha).

Enjoy the warm weather today!

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