Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End Table Re-Do

So a few months ago I snagged this little end table at a thrift store for $5. 

The two square patches were covered with old, icky leather that was all cracked up.  Greer helped me rip it off (it was tough!).  Then it was next step- stripping (the table)!

It's my first attempt at actually stripping down a peice of furniture.  I was too frustrated to remember to take any process pictures.  I used a wood stripping agent (I'll find the name and post it) borrowed from Dad.  If you plan to strip wood, I suggest wearing rubber gloves.  I was warned that if you get it on skin it "burns like hell."  Follow directions and do it outside.  Look for future posts about stripping wood as I learn the process.

After I got it all stripped down (which took a few times) and sanded, I primed it using Bulls Eye White Primer.

This is where I am in the process right now.  I'm toying with paint colors and decorative paper modge podged on.  I'm thinking navy blue for the body and some sort of yellow or design with yellow for the squares.  Or maybe chalkboard paint. What do you think?

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  1. Its starting to look lovely already... with the primer on... chalkboard paint sounds like a lot of fun. But using blue and yellow will make it more summery. I'm sure it will look beautiful in the end, no matter which way you decide to go. Thanks for sharing with us. Visiting from Good Life Wednesday.~Poppy

  2. happy I stopped your blog!

    This table is so cute...I'm working on one myself ~ I'm doing it in gray. Can't wait to see your final reveal!

  3. Ooo gray would be nice too. Our wedding colors were gray and yellow and I love that combo too.