Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home From Vacation

I only have time for a quick post because our anniversary dinner is waiting.  That's right- our 1 year marriage anniversary is today!!  6.5.10 - I married my best friend and have been living a fairytale with him.  I am still so in love with my Greer.  You can check out our DIY wedding details in previous posts like this one.  More under the "wedding" tag.

Today we returned from our honeymoonish vacation/1 year celebration.  We attended a friend's wedding in North Carolina, visited Savannah, Georgia, then spent a week with Greer's brother and sister-in-law and our neice in Florida.  Awesome week.  We followed it up by driving to Charleston, South Carolina and then finally returned home today.  What a wonderful week we've had!! Sunburn and all. 

This week- back to building and projects.  Updates soon :)


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