Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodwill Table Re-Do - Recycler!

Buenas dias!  In my picture frame post, I mentioned my end table re-do, but just realized I never posted it!  Well, let's amend that, shall we? (Click Continue reading...)

Right before I was off to teach Zumba, I stopped by the Goodwill and finally found an acceptable end table for my first real re-do attempt.  I was nervous... did it really have potential?  There was a matching chair, but it was not the slightest bit comfortable, so I left it behind.  I brought home my little $4 table with hopes of it becoming a plant holder for outside, or even a nightstand (gasp!) to replace my upside-down laundry basket with two boxes stacked on top that house my clock, phone and fan.

Kinda eh, no?  Not too sure....

Well, with some sanding, spray paint, more sanding and a second can of spray paint (it's a learning experience...), my table had a new look.  Step 1.

For the top, I found a brown paisley pattern at Wal Mart in a pillowcase kit.  Since I wasn't getting to the nearest Jo-Ann's anytime soon, I figured it would do.  The green matched my spray paint nicely and could potentially work in our bedroom for now.

So I set forth in my first Modge Podge attempt.  It was so easy!  Using a big foam brush, I put a layer of Modge Podge on the surface of the table (after sanding and cleaning first) then smoothed my fabric over the top.  After it dried, I added a second coat of Modge Podge.  At first I thought I had ruined it.  But I trusted my deeper instinct that it goes on white, but it dries clear and success!  It's true.  Let that layer dry thoroughly, then I added a second layer for extra protection.  I wanted to be able to clean the surface easily and not worry about cleaning fabric.

Ta-da!  I still need to find a nice ribbon or something for trim, but I think that it turned out alright for a first project.  A little to lime for our spring bedroom, but that's where it is for now so that I can use the laundry basket again.  In time, I'm sure it will have many homes, including the huge porch whose decor and feel I'm still pondering.


  1. Lolls!! I love it!! You did such a great job. I had no idea you were so handy.

  2. Love it! Love the top! I wish I had a space to "re-do" things, it seems fun!

  3. Super cute! You have quite some talent.


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