Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Summary: Sweet Honey Love

Our wedding was perfect.  June 5, 2010  Greer and I tied the knot on a beautiful day with close friends and family and had a blast the whole time!  Our wedding theme/title was Sweet Honey Love.  Here's some tid-bits from our wedding... maybe it will help inspire someone else!

This is one of my favorite details.  Greer and I hoarded the tye-dye paper from Double H Ranch last summer (2009).  The tye-dye paper was made by campers tye-dying their tee-shirts at Arts & Crafts.  The paper under the shirts gets hung to dry and you end up with really unique, fun colored paper that is truly one-of-a-kind.  We used the paper as a backdrop for our table name cards.  Greer, my stencil king, crafted a mini version of the stencil he made for me when he proposed, and used that for the table names to go on.  We named tables after places/things that meant something to us.  "Reign" was the head table, and the name came from our song "Love, Reign O'er Me" (Pearl Jam version).......

Photo courtesy of Alisandra Photography
The bouquets were all daisies, put together by my crafty Other Mother!  She purchased them in bulk from Costco and wrapped each bouquet with a satin ribbon, pinned with pearl pins.  The bridal bouquet had four yellow roses with pink tips to add in some color and combine my favorite flowers.  So cheap, easy and perfect!  She even used extra flowers to decorate the aisle, garden fountain and the cake...

I was so surprised to see the fountain so done up!  Loved it and it's a cheap, simple DIY detail that adds just a little extra to the wedding.  Gotta thank my Other Mother for that genius idea!

Ohhhh the cake!  My Other Mother made our wedding cake (pictured here) which was DELICIOUS carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  Unfortunately, the 90+ degree heat melted the icing by the time the ceremony was done!  It was still delicious and pretty, though.  Greer and I each chose a favorite childhood toy to use as a cake topper, which was a fun way to add our own flair.  His was a Star Wars character (Luke maybe?) and mine was Esmeralda.

Since our wedding was themed Sweet Honey Love, we gave away local honey as favors.  The honey was given to us for free by my Other Mother's neighbor who keeps bees.  Randomly, at Greer's old job, a co-worker came in with 200 mini honey dippers and asked if he could use them.  Jackpot!  We tied the escort cards on to the honey dippers with yellow ribbon to keep with the honey theme.  My Other Mother made the lid decor for the honey jars and my own mother tied all the escort cards to the dippers.
I have to throw in a shout out to one of my favorite hand-crafted jewelry makers, Azure Treasures on Etsy.  I purchased my wedding necklace from her and loved it (I still wear it!) I loved the symbolism and uniqueness, and price tag!  I definitely suggest browsing Etsy for unique wedding jewelry.  I realized just now that the photo is kind of small.. I'll try to find a new one.  In the meantime, the necklace was made of mini pearls and one big pearl in the middle of two sparrows.  I liked how the sparrows seemed to be carrying the big pearl between them, sharing the load.

Photo courtesy of Alisandra Photography.
Greer and I chose to wear fun, comfy shoes for the wedding.  The tuxes were dark gray, so he chose charcoal gray Chucks.  I found some adorable, really comfortable flats from Rocket Dog that let me dance all night and not get heels stuck in the grass walking down the aisle!  Another fun little detail to add to your own wedding. 

Get rid of pre-wedding jitters by playing Wedding M.A.S.H.!  My bridesmaid Meghan had the great idea to do this to kill time and calm my nerves.  We just made up categories that made sense for after a wedding, like honeymoon location, baby names, number of kids, pets, where we'd be in 25 and 50 years, jobs, etc.  It was a lot of fun.

Ignore the awkward look on my face.. Just a shot of the yellow and gray bridal party for you!

I'll have more details for you a little later when I track down the right photos.  Hasta esa tiempo, ten un buen dia!


  1. I hope my future husband makes me something someday! That must feel amazing, not just a present but something made with the hands and heart.

  2. I think it was so amazing all the time and details you put into your wedding. I am so happy that you and Greer had the best day of your lives because you both deserve it! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness :)