Monday, August 9, 2010

More Wedding Details...

Oh just adding a few more details from the wedding for you!  Hopefully it will inspire someone else.. :)

All photos courtesy of our amazing photographer: Alisandra Photography

I think Airlie Center provided us with this sign for cocktails.  They basically read my mind, because I had wanted to make something identical to this but with classes and work I just never had the time. This would be a very simple DIY project.  You just need wood, chalkboard paint and chalk.

We made our own playlists for the wedding, filled with songs we love.  This playlist is the "special dances" playlist, which includes: first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, and specially requested grandmother-grandson dance.  We asked guests to request songs on their RSVPs and we got waaay more than we bargained for.  We had to cut a lot of requested songs in order to add more upbeat songs and our own songs, but it all came together.

My mom made all the vases for the table flowers.  Greer and I bought vases as we found them at random thrift stores.  My mom hot glued the twine to the vases, wrapping it around as she went.  These vases were a hit!  A lot of guests took them home. It also went well with our Sweet Honey Love theme, sort of like a beehive but not in a tacky way.

I just loved this shot Ali captured.  This is of the pavilion at Airlie Center, taken through the stone archway.  The whole place is just a magical garden!

I made this picture X-Large so that you could get all the details!  Recognize the stencil?  Yep, it's "Hopefully You!" that Greer made for me when he proposed.  This is the reception area.  My Other Mother and extended family set this whole thing up, including pulling apart the poms hanging from the ceiling.

Close-up of the tables.  I picked out this beautiful yellow fabric with a light design on it.  My Other Mother bought it for us from Jo-Ann Fabrics and she and my aunt cut and sewed all of the table runners!  She also provided us with the hurricane vases and large candles for the tables.  To go with the wedding colors, we had alternating candles of yellow, blue and pink.

I fell in love with old fashioned bicycles at some point and really wanted to find some for the reception decor.  I was Googling everything I could think of, looking on eBay, Craigslist, all over and could not find any!!  Then one day I stumbled upon these little treasures on clearance at Michaels.  Que buena suerte!  They came brown, but Greer spray painted them Rustoleum Heirloom White.  We bought mini terra cotta pots at Michaels and my sister spray painted them blue and pink, alternating.  We forgot to purchase gravel to put in them, so on the wedding day everyone helping was frantically grabbing gravel from Airlie's parking lot and filling these mini pots for the table!  Turned out adorable, I'd say. 

I know these are in the other post, but I thought I'd just add a closeup of our honey gifts.  These were our wedding favors- local honey (my Other Mother's neighbor!) in honeycomb-shaped jars.  My Other Mother made the lid topper decor with our wedding theme, Sweet Honey Love.

Hello everyone!  Just another shot of the reception pavilion.  This is during our super fun first dance, "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" by Michael Jackson.  We never practiced or talked about it, so we were just having a good time on the fly.  So much fun!!

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  1. I wish we could go and relive that day over and over. I didn't know that about the gravel for the pots! Too funny. Glad that worked out!! You really made it gorgeous.