Monday, August 9, 2010

The Burrow Interior Re-Do

I mentioned in a previous post that I would put up some pictures of The Burrow when the paint job was done.  It has been long done, but I keep thinking I'll post a picture of a room when it's done.  Well I've come to terms with the fact that our home will be an ongoing process, ebbing and flowing with our time and money, which of course we are all always short on.   (click Continue Reading...)

Anyhallyhoo,  I'm putting up just a few pictures for you to get at least an idea of the color scheme.  Don't judge to harshly about the decor.. it's a work in progress as I learn.  You can judge the colors as much as you'd like... I am in love with them!  I love living in a bright rainbow!

Here is the kitchen as you walk in from the side door.  And Greer... hard at work cooking up his delicious meals!  (He cooks, I clean.)  I got the idea for the purple kitchen from the Friends tv show.  And the little bicycles on the tops of the cabinets are from the wedding!

The infamous "Hopefully You" engagement stencil Greer made for me!  It reappeared a lot during our wedding process, which you can read more about under the "wedding" label.  This is more of the kitchen and the hallway into my studio (you can see my closet and the peachy studio wall).  The kitchen table is lovely creative recycler that I grew up using.  My father made it out of an antique sewing machine base.  Three of the chairs we picked up at a yard sale down the street for $7 and the fourth chair (on the right) was my childhood desk chair, also made by my father.  And yes, that is a faux brick linoleum floorBlame it on grandfather.

Our orange living room looking in from the side doors in the kitchen.  You can catch a glimpse of the teal wall in the picture.  That's the front door and around the red color in the top left is the start of the stairs.

Here we have the living room looking into the kitchen.  You can see the side doors back there on the left.  The gray blanket is covering the giant leather ottoman because our new baby kitten Marzipan and zipping all over the place with her claws out.  Protective measures.  Point of the photo is the orange wall color.  I love it!  I thought I'd hate orange, but my mom suggested it and Greer encouraged me to keep going with my bold choices, so here it is.  It looks great with the deep chocolate brown couch!  The dvd shelf was made (of course) by my father when I was in undergrad so that I could have a shelf for my computer desk.  Now I'm hoping to add a deeper base and turn the whole thing into a hutch.

We just added some pictures (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!) this weekend.  We plan to continue adding as we experience more life together.  I think it's a great start!  Oh, this is the stairwell coming upstairs from the orange living room.  Love this berry red color.
**Something we learned from Lowes in this process- with reds, especially berry reds, you need to use gray primer, otherwise the paint with look pink and it takes a lot of coats to get the actual color.

That's all for now!  Check back for more pictures of the other rooms later (as they get together!)


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  2. What a fun home! I so enjoy browsing homes with loads of colour. If Extreme Home can do it, why not us? Your tones are very pretty!


  3. Thanks, Donna! I love living in a rainbow in the woods. I think it's good to be daring.