Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sharing a Genius Idea

Hi all!

I was just catching up on the blogs I follow and stumbled upon a wonderful idea for curing boredom in the summer.  This is probably geared towards kids, but let's face it- anyone could find it fun.

Jen at the CSI Project came up with a "Chews" Wisely Summer Boredom Buster.  The colors are what caught me first...

I thought to myself, "Oh what a cute picture to put by a jar of gumballs."  I love the light blue frame.  But it gets better.  This is not just a picture, no no.  It is a frame filled with ideas of fun things to do.

So when Jen's kids say "I'm boreddddd" they randomly choose a gumball from the photo and the idea is on the back.  The bigger, more expensive trips are on the 25 cent magnets for days when there is more time and cash.

I am blown away by this idea.  I think I might have to duplicate it just for me and Greer to get some fun going!

Read Jen's full post here.

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