Friday, February 19, 2010

Ice Cream Table's New Topping

Well, let me tell you that guestbook did not get done. Writing my first paper in two years was much more difficult than I thought, but hopefully that will wrap up tonight and I can get started on the guestbook while I study for my Monday test. After that I can really get crafting.

I thought I'd post a few things in the meantime to get something up here. Our kitchen table is currently a hand-me-over small table that I loved for it's ice cream shoppe design but hated the original colors. Spot it?

Funky yellow and olive green.

I spotted a cute blue and red color combo on and decided it should be the kitchen colors, starting with the table and chairs. I sanded down the original paint and just added a few coats of light blue spray paint. I need to touch it up with the weather is warmer. My Other Mother (future mother-in-law) found the perfect red fabric I was looking for (that thick leather seat stuff) at JoAnn Fabrics. Sadly, I was not strong enough with a staple gun re-do the seats on my own. I enlisted the help of my thrifty fiance, Greer, who used his incredible strength to pull the material tight and staple away. I'll definitely need to learn this skill. Anyhallyhoo, here's the finished product:

It's a rough picture from my cell phone. I'll have to put up another one with some actual lighting later. My guess is that when we move to the new house this will be our porch table (I cannot WAIT for breakfast on the porch looking out at the mountains!!!) and we'll have a bigger table so we can actually have some guests! For now, it works for our tiny apartment kitchen.

Ciao bella!


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