Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY Tree Decal

I have envied those with relatively permanent homes who can paint murals and add wall decals. I also have been envying my friend's Tree of Life tapestry that hangs above & over my friend's bed. Having no luck finding a tapestry and not willing to repaint the apartment in June, I resigned myself to collecting ideas for Clearing Woods Cottage (btw, should that be all one word? hmm) and doing it up then. Along comes my imaginative Greer who says "Why don't we just make one out of sheets?"


We bought cheapo green and brown sheets at Wal Mart and found a wonderful tree picture online. Greer plotted and measured the side and style on the wall, then drew the tree on the brown sheets with white crayon.

[Not dust particles, fabric fibers from my sheet-rippin']
We nailed it up in the perfect spot and then Greer used the brown scraps to make the branches longer.

Starting to make the room more interesting but definitely needed longer branches and some weepy leaves. So I ripped strips out of a green pillowcase and stapled them to the branches. Put it all together and you get:

A cozy tree to wake up under. So now in the morning we see this:

Te presento El Arbol! (if you know how to do Spanish characters in Blogger, let me know!)

Just a little sheet-rippin'...


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