Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting in Rush Hour

As if I don't already have enough to do, with a 40hr/wk + travel technically part-time job, 2 university classes, and planning my June 5th wedding (a highly DIY affair at that), I thought I'd start up a blog (on my failing work computer which shows a blank screen as I type). I should be studying for my upcoming Abnormal Psych test, or working on the paper for Developmental Psych, or maybe finding some work to do but I keep perusing craft blogs and wedding blogs and wanted in on the fun. Who knows if anyone will read, but I'll give this a whirl, keeping up when I can. The way I see it, it can serve as my multi-purpose wedding, craft, life, projects blog so I can visually organize it all in one spot and keep track of everything.

This is already helping my creative neurons to shake off their dust and get firing again. I was stumped at the "Name Your Blog" started question. Ponder, ponder, ponder. Things I like, whimsy, coffee, couch, cozy, cottage, meadow, nature, birds, trees, woods, garden....stumped. I got to thinking bout how we have to name the house we'll be moving into in June, so it's no longer 'The House On My Parents Property That Belonged To He Who Must Not Be Named." It's a cute house with half an acre between it and my parents' house. Small, two story, surrounder by trees, on the verge of a giant clearing in the mini-woods. Clearing in the woods...sounds so cozy. Like a place where I could snuggle up to my Man (no cute nickname yet) every day. Done and done. So what do you think of Clearing Woods Cottage as a name for the house? I like it. I can even give it a dual-meaning: it's in a clearing in our little woods, it's a clearing of Home in the woods of Life (oh so deep). And it translates to this new blog, A Clearing in the Woods, which is clearing my head in the woods of busy busy busy. Get it? Get it? I'm so deep I need a flotation device!

This evening's project (after I finish my paper of course) will be creating our wedding guestbook. I've been trying to think up something really unique, but all I thought was to get a plain old scrapbook, cover the front with cute fabric, and fill the pages with some decorative trimmings. I'll post some photos when the project is done, along with other fun stuff.

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