Monday, May 9, 2011

Studio + Guest Room Mood Board

A little vintage.  A little carnival.  At little red, a little blue.  This is my inspiration....

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1) The color scheme:  This is as close as I could get to the colors in my mind/studio.  Cream colored walls, bright red dresser and some blues.  Not many colors actually in there yet, so I'll be changing it up.

2) Pillows:  I received 2 red PB pillows with the sofabed.  I love the bicycle pillow and hope I can make it myself!

3) Lamps:  Lighting with bases that go with the color scheme.  I threw the bird on there for fun.

4) Artwork:  This round I'm going to plan my wall decor first, before just slapping things up and ending up with an odd mish-mash.  In my mind, this is a very important step to bring the room together.  I picked three pieces that I really liked.  I could make the Keep Calm.. and the map of Spain wall decor myself.  Might have to order the elephant print...

5) Sofabed:  This is not the one in the room, but as close as I could get.  Ours is a little older, neutral with teeny red and blue stripes (you can only see up close). We got it from my co-worker for $25!  Best deal ever.  Great for making a guest room a useable space as well.

6) Trunk End Table:  Greer makes some fun suitcase end tables which I'm hoping to snag and put in this room.  It's always necessary to have a table next to a bed or couch, and I like the suitcase for visitors. This trunk was as close as I could find on but I really like it as well.

I also just threw in some blue towels.  I haven't decided about curtain pattern yet so I'm leaving it alone until in comes to me.

Now...where did I plant that money tree.....

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