Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Big Kahuna is UP!

Today I enlisted my parents and Greer to help me put the Big Kahuna up on the guest room piano wall today.  Let's be honest, my dad did the planning and we just followed directions.  But together, we got that thing in place.

I still have to finish the doors, but the biggest part is in place adding some much needed storage:

Finally, piano books have a home and I've cut back on some of the reading books we've been storing in this room.  I left a square for kids books and a square for everyone else books and got the little bookshelf out! Yay for more floor space and utilizing the wall space!

I keep poking my head in the room just to see it there on the wall.  Oh, how I love my Big Kahuna (shelf.. but I love my husband too! hehe)

What have I left on the shelf for guests to read you ask?  Now that I know how to use the semi- micro photo option, lets take a closer look....

A mixture of reading, hopefully.  I also included a few books in Spanish just in case anyone wanted to brush up on their language skills... ;)

And for the children, a few good books and short stories.

The decor is subject to change (and the books too, of course).  In fact, I hope the decor does change so that what I picture is actually what the room will somehow reflect...sooomeday.  For now, here's the top shelf:

Just re-distributed some other household items.  The vase is from our wedding centerpeices (read more about that here) and has been living on top of the fridge.

As for the bottom shelf......

See that pretty little Beatrix Potter jar (saving for our future kiddos)?  It's actually storing extra nails and screws and whatnot. 

See?  But you didn't know from the outside!  The beauties of creative storage.

Such a relief to have the Big Kahuna up in place!!  I'll update you when I eventually get the doors on.

Buenas noches

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  1. Beautiful! LOVE the Beatrix Potter vase too. And nice choice of books :o)