Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Studio + Guest Room Paint

Hola hermosas!  I just finished painting my studio office, which is also our guest room.  You have seen pictures that were taken in that room when it was painted coral.....everything. looked. orange.  I didn't even enjoy being in that room because the lighting + the paint color = pain.

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Eww. Old color... need better camera.
(If you need to check out more of the previous effect, check out some old posts like this one.)

If anyone needs to feel better about themselves trying DIY interior design, look no further.  I am always making mistakes.  This is not a blog of a pro, this is a learning process.  I saw the pro's doing it, wanted to get creative myself and find a way to catalog my projects.  Thus, birth of A Clearing in the Woods.  You will probably see a lot more "uhh...ok" projects than "OMG how does she do that?!" projects.

This is all leading up to my painting weekend of blood, sweat and tears (okay, no blood, no tears, but lots of sweat and aggravation!).  I didn't plan on painting this weekend, but my neighbor (aka my mom) was painting.  It inspired me to pick up a brush and get rid of the color I've hated for awhile now.

I was looking for a more neutral color (can you believe it? ME?!) that would brighten up the room since the lighting stinks.  I thought I had a great tan color- so very light but contrasted enough to white.

I chose Valspar's Homestead Resort Buff.  Just to give you an idea of how difficult it is to capture a paint color, these are the two internet samples of Valspar's Homestead Resort Buff:

Excuse me?  Those are two completely different colors, neither of which are the color that ended up on our walls.

Anyway, it looked good under Lowes' lighting paint tool.  Not on our walls.

At first while painting it, I kept saying - "It's white! It's too white!"  Then it dried and became "it's GRAY!"  Ugh.  Even with two coats of paint (THREE in some places), it just didn't look good.  You would not believe me when I say that the above color was GRAY on our walls.  I was too upset to take pictures at this stage.  I should have.

Back to Lowes with Greer in tow.  He helped me find a better color which is kind of cream colored.  I don't know that I am satisfied, but it's better and I'm NOT changing it.  Because paint is expensive!

So I ended up with Olympic brand's Fleeting Fawn:

A little on the peach side, but better than gray!

Painting process
 The camera is weird with taking pictures inside. Above is not quite the color..that looks more like the color it actually used to be.

The piano wall, where the Big Kahuna will hang when it's finished. The mirrors will go back up behind the couch, because it is still my dance studio! :)

This picture is more of the actual color.  Someday I'll get a wonderful camera and you can see what The Burrow ACTUALLY looks like inside!!

Check out the mood board for this room for a glimpse into what I hope it will end up reflecting.

Hope you have better luck picking paint colors than I do!!

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