Saturday, January 22, 2011

Communication Station!

Ay amigos tantas cosas que decir!  It was such a productive, fun long weekend that I haven't taken time to s l o w  d o w n  and catch up here.  The college application deadline for our school just passed so work is piling up

First things first, my easiest project:  The Burrow's Communication Station!

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I was so tired of bills and mail being just stacked on the kitchen table, moved to the counter, stacked back on the table....only to be paid frantically with fingers crossed that they make it on time.  My mother offered our family heirloom childs roll-top desk and it has become the perfect solution.

I know.. I'm not the best photographer...
On top we have our favorite engagement photo, a bowl filled with cough drops and a candle.  The bowl of cough drops is for Greer in a convenient location for multiple reasons:
#1 ~ Next to the door so that as he heads to work he can grab a handful

#2 ~ In a bowl so that they can stop ending up washed in pockets and lying everywhere

#3 ~ Next to the trashcan so the wrappers can go straight in instead of thrown around the house for Marzipan to play with (and for me to pick up! haha)

#4 ~ Right above the bills so that he can reach for them when he feels stressed writing bill checks

Cough drops are the reason Greer was able to kick the cigarettes.  He can go through 100 in a week, but it's better than smoking!  I'll keep the cough drops if I can keep my husband.

The candle is also conveniently located above the cat litterbox.  I'm hoping to train Marzipan to go outside to use the vast amounts of woodland, but for now at least I can make the area smell better.

The desk slots are arranged very specifically to keep us organized.  Left to right we have: 
~ Urgent Outgoing Mail (bills due, etc)
~ Other Outgoing Mail
~ His and Hers Checks (mine on top, Greer's on bottom)
~ Gift Cards and Coupons
~ Other Notes of Importance.

My goal for the surface is that it stays clean except for 1 notepad to jot things down and temporary items (like birthday cards).  We've been doing alright so far....

The drawers are also specifically designated for certain things and we're trying not to add anything to that (prevents the whole "junk drawer" abyss).

~ Wide drawer: writing supplies, address book, notepad


~ Top drawer:  envelopes, stamps, calculator (to add up those bills!)

~ Bottom drawer:  blank cards, thank-you cards, other cards to send, smaller envelopes

I didn't realize until I set this up just how messy and confusing our mail stuff was.  Greer could never find the stamps (in my studio desk), bills got shuffled around, hunt for a working pen in the junk drawer, misplaced grocery lists never finished...the list goes on.  This communication station will be forever a staple in our future homes, even if the appearance changes.

What do you do to keep organized?


  1. Great idea for the desk! You guys got it really organized. I always try to keep things on/in my desk organized but the mail seems to be the hardest part. I'm really good and just shoving it all in a pile and then it gets so messy. I have a little basket for pens and the like (also keep stamps in there) and a drawer that is for "other" but winds up like a junk drawer. Need to take a cue from you!

  2. I really need something like this! All our stuff is on the table right inside the door, or in the table drawer. Sean has the right idea of making his bills autodraft...I haven't gotten there yet :-P. I love your how-tos!