Monday, January 31, 2011

I Put The Hammer...

.......through the wall.


I was trying to hand this small shelf I picked up at Goodwill to add something 3-D to the bathroom wall. 

[ you can tell it is not in the bathroom ]

I got one nail in smooth as buttah!  But the next guy...nuh uh...

First, I realized I hit the stud.
I decided I could win.
Then I bent the nail, making the hole bigger.
Not winning.
I tried to use the claw end and pull the nail out...
And you can see those little bruises on the wall to the right of the hole.
More force... I thought...
And as I pushed the hammer to pull the nail out, the hammer head went through the wall.
And the nail stayed.

My wonderful, patient, humorous husband was able to get the nail out with a smile and a "we'll fix it later."  Phew! 

I gave the shelf a new home in my office.

Permanent? Probably not.  It's rather dwarfed there... but I'm not messing with it until I have a better plan.....

Ten un buen dia!

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  1. Haha, well sometimes you just have to put the hammer through the wall!