Sunday, January 9, 2011

So much to catch up on...

This was a full weekend and the Burrow and I FINALLY have some time to pick this blog back up.  I'm done with pre-reqs for a Masters of Occupational Therapy, so I'm just working, teaching Zumba, and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get into a grad program.

So, to catch up on some things... I'll start with my cleaning extravaganza.  I don't normally mention cleaning because, while I love it, it's not all that exciting to everyone.  However, I experienced so much amazing cleaning product help this weekend, that I had to share my hints and joys!

First, my amazing parents (mine and Greer's) pooled funds and bought me a Dyson Ball for Animal Hair vacuum for Christmas!!!! I cannot express my gratitude and excitement enough.  I have vacuumed way more than necessary since I got this, but it works so well!  It even comes with a little wind tunnel carpet thingy to attach and use on couches and other fabrics.  Perfect for cleaning up cat hair and crumbs from our cozy couch.  It's lighter than other vacuums and easy to use.  Definitely has my vote!

Now for my little plug about an incredible little product called Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  This sponge comes with cleaner in it and all you have to do is wet, squeeze and clean.  I advise picking a pack up for on...

Let me tell you, I had been scrubbing our tub all day.  It was turning that ugly brown, with soap scum on the walls.  I used vinegar.  I used toilet bowl scrub.  I used Clorox Bleach spray.  I layered the tub with hot water and added bleach.  Nothing worked.  It was probably well-sanitized, but that's hard to believe when it was still brown

So, I was off to Wal Mart with my clean queen mother to look for the product that would end the scum.  She suggested Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  I had heard her talking about these but hadn't thought much about it.  I really doubted this suggestion.  Not even bleach worked, so how would a sponge with cleaner work?  But, I had no other ideas.  So I grabbed a pack and tried it out.

Outstanding.  The tub was turning white immediately as I scrubbed with the sponge.  It even got out the blue stain from my previous sponge disentegrating with the bleach.  Our tub is now sparkling white and looks brand-new!  I was too excited and impressed to not share.

So my advice:  Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  It's truly magic and it will change your world.

'Ta luego!

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