Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Burrow Interior Re-Do..Continued

Well I finally took some pictures of the rest of the Burrow so you can catch a glimpse of the rest of the skittle-box house.  Please keep in mind that I am not a photographer, so the pictures are just a quick shot with my plain old digital camera.  The rooms feel bigger than they appear; it's hard to capture it with the camera I have.

First we have the Mr & Mrs bedroom.  I can't call it the Master Bedroom because my studio is technically the Master Bedroom.  I have a thing against sleeping on the first floor.  I just cannot do it!

Mr & Mrs Room
My father found that chaise lounge in a dump, refinished it, and had a friend reupholster it.  I had asked for a chaise lounge for years since I was little and saw one in The Beverly Hillbillies movie.  When I came home from high school one day, I saw this sitting on the side of the driveway.  No way is that going in my room! I thought.  That is a peice of junk.  But my father has a creative eye... just look at it now!

Looking from the chaise lounge
This veiw is from the chaise lounge towards the door.  I found that duvet set on for cheap!  The trunk was refinished by my father when I was small.  It stores our extra blankets and pillows and smells sooooo nice...cedar! Love that.

And look who found a new home!  My Goodwill Table Re-do! The green is a little too lime-y for our bedroom but it works.  I don't have to use stacked boxes anymore. :)

Greer's office
Here we have just a peek at Greer's office.  The blue is called "Thundercloud" or something like that.  It's a slate blue shade that looks really nice.. very good for a "grown-up"'s office.  Notice all the Star Wars paraphenalia on the wall...

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  1. I have a thing about sleeping on the first floor too! :o) You guys have done such a great job on the house. Love it!